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Welcome to DHE

First choice of level measurement for tanks£¬
Best solution for technical transformation projects

Thousands of users all over the world had chosen DHE for external level instruments and services.Over the 25 years, DHE had dedicating itself on development and innovation of external level measurement technology. To offer our customers reliable external mounted level measurement product with high accuracy as well as pleasant service experience is our persistent pursuit.


Advanced technology

¡°Micro vibration analysis technology¡± is the most powerful sonar signal management technology for external applications.

First-class product

ELL® sonar external mounted level meter and ELL®ultrasonic external mounted level switch
Extreme performance, Excellent quality.

Superior service

User generated meticulous sincere heartfelt praise customer service is the lifeblood of business DHE

Latest News

DHE Enhanced Non-contact Level Transmitter¡ª DHE Successfully Accomplishes A 40m

In a special technical improvement project of safety technology of a domestic leading large-scale fluorine chemical enterprise in Zhejiang, due to the requirements of the

Ceremony for DHE jointed NEEQ was held successfully in Beijing

On 2:00 p m July 18th, 2016, ceremony for DHE (Stock abbreviation: Dinghuadianzi Stock code: 837793) jointed NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) was held in Beijing

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